Man lodges Police complaint as his buffalo stops giving milk

In a bizarre incident a man reportedly lodged Police complaint as his buffalo stopped giving milk. The incident took place in the Bhind district of Madhyapradesh.

As per reports, a farmer named Babulal of Nayagaon village reached the Police Station last Saturday to lodge complaint against his buffalo as it stopped giving milk.

The Police officials were shocked to hear such an infrequent matter. The farmer complained that the buffalo is not allowing him to milk and he wanted to lodge a written complaint in this matter.

As the police personnel dwindled what to do in such a strange case, Babulal went home and returned to the PS after a few hours along with his buffalo. He wanted to prove his point in front of the cops that actually the buffalo has stopped giving milk.

Now, the cops understood that the matter is not so easy to be solved.

Accordingly, they called for a veterinary doctor. However, Baburam pleaded that there is no need of calling a vet since the buffalo is physically fine. He alleged that someone has cast a spell on the animal and the repercussion is that it has stopped giving milk.

However, as per reports, after some hour the problem was solved and Baburam went home happily along with his buffalo.

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