Man litters road, dog teaches him a lesson in viral video

A video showing a dog teaching an apt lesson to a man for littering the road is the funniest thing you will see going viral on social media today. The video proves that dogs are way better than humans these days.

It is rightly said, dogs are very loyal and are also capable of understanding emotions. The video will make you fall in love with the dog.

The video was first shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Sudha Ramen that has now been going viral. It was uploaded on Twitter and is now being shared on other social media platforms also.

Sharing the video, IFS Sudha Ramen captioned, “A lesson to you, dear Humans! Ps- Let’s appreciate the training given to this dog.”

As seen in the video, a man, sitting inside his car, throws a plastic wrapper on the road. Suddenly, the dog that was passing by the man’s car, picks up the wrapper and throws it back into the man’s car.

The viral video has garnered several likes and retweets by the netizens with some adorable comments.

Some of the comments are below:

The video shares an important message to humans about keeping the environment clean.

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