Man Lifts Buffalo On His Shoulders, Video Goes Viral

Have you ever seen someone lifting a buffalo or a horse on their shoulder very easily like a paddy sack or a baby? If you have not seen then you will definitely be amazed after watching a viral video in which a man was seen lifting a buffalo on his shoulder as easily as lifting a baby.

Netizens were amazed by his sheer strength and are now calling him “Bheem.” The man is reportedly a resident of Ukraine and his name is Dmytro Khaladzhi .

Apart from this, Dmytro was previously seen lifting 6 people at a time in a video. He had also lifted camels and other heavy-weight animals on his shoulders.

Dmytro’s Instagram account is full of such videos and photos showing his unconventional strength. He has made records for 63 times in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dmytro, who worked in the circus, can lift more than 150 kg weight with only one hand.

People are shocked after seeing his video and many find it difficult to believe that a man can do such amazing deeds.

Watch the video here:

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