Man keeps scooter ignition on with child standing on its leg space: Watch what happens next

A person fell off from the scooter as a result of his own negligence which has gone viral in the social media

Carelessness and not obeying the traffic rules lead to major road accidents. In light of it, a recent video has gone viral in the social media where a man collided his scooter and wounded himself. The said incident was recorded in the CCTV camera installed at the site.

The video shows a man sitting on a scooter accompanied by a small kid standing on the vehicle’s leg space with the ignition on. The man was seen talking over phone with his scooty parked outside the portico of a house when the child unexpectedly turns the scooter’s accelerator. The result was, the scooter was pulled ahead and the rider falls off the vehicle.

Within no time the family members rushed to the spot. Fortunately, the child did not sustained any critical injury.

The clip was shared on Twitter by a user named @RoadsOfMumbai with the caption, “Bike tuned on, unsupervised and kid standing in front holding the accelerator.”

Watch the video here:

So far, the post has garnered 275.3k views. Annoyed by the clip, netizens flocked to comment sections with their harsh reactions.

One user wrote,” He totally deserved it … rightfully so … no pity whatsoever.. he ll still not learn and his son already shows signs on how he too is going to break every rule .. who teaches a child that small how to handle the accelerator? Obviously the father … well deserved.”

Another commented,” This for those people, who allow to sit in the lap of the driver while driving, whether 2 or 4 wheeler. Another thing is kids and teenagers standing out of the sunroof of a car. 1 sudden brake even in slow speed, will severely damage spinal cord and the skull for life.”


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