Man jumps inside Zoo enclosure, sits in front of lion; Watch what happened next

A viral video of Delhi Zoo, has captured the heart-stopping visual of a man inside lion's enclosure and sitting in front of the wild animal.

A startling viral video of Delhi Zoo, has captured the heart-stopping moment when a man daringly entered a lion’s enclosure and sat face-to-face with the wild animal. The chilling video has drawn widespread attention online, showcasing the man’s risky encounter with the lion.

In the video, the individual, identified as Rehan Khan (28) from Bihar, can be seen dressed in black as he crosses into the lion enclosure at Delhi Zoo. Despite attempts by on looking visitors to deter him from approaching the lion, Khan proceeds to walk around the enclosure.

For a tense moment, both Khan and the lion engage in a gaze, staring at each other mere feet apart. In a bewildering act, Khan even sits down on a tree trunk before the lion, making hand gestures. The lion approaches cautiously and continues to observe Khan closely. After a short while, the lion climbs up onto Khan, prompting him to rise from his seated position.

The timely intervention of the vigilant Delhi Zoo staff played a crucial role in ensuring Khan’s safety. The team managed to tranquilize the lion swiftly and rescue Khan from the potentially life-threatening situation. Despite the hair-raising nature of the incident, Khan emerged unharmed.

DCP (Southeast) said, “He is Rehan Khan, a 28-yr-old man from Bihar. He seems to be mentally unstable. He was immediately brought out without any injury.”

While the incident took place in 2019, the resurfacing of the video has once again ignited discussions about the potential dangers of such reckless behaviour.

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