Man holds 2 reticulated pythons by their tails: Watch chilling video

Man holds 2 reticulated pythons by their tails. And the man is none other than Jay Brewer, the popular American YouTuber and the founder and CEO of Reptile Zoo Prehistoric Inc. These are his pets. In earlier videos we have seen many other reptiles which are also his pets. The snake video has gone viral.

The present video was shared by user jayprehistoricpets on Instagram and it went viral. Posted on 7 March, within a very few days the clip has so far managed to garner a huge 166925 likes and 2072 comments.

The user captioned the video as follows: “Kinda amazing how big a reticulated python can get and these are a couple of my biggest. I know that Big snakes are not for everyone but from a young age I always knew they where for me but not many agree. I will say looking back that choosing your own path in life can be very rewarding and some times it’s hard when your young to keep your head clear from the nay sayers trust me. I even had really good friends who what the best attention for me trying to convince me I should change careers. But they don’t really realize how deep your passion and commitment to your dreams can run. hope everyone finds their dreams at all cost the old saying you only live once is real so make it happen and don’t forget to help whoever you can on the way to finding yours. never give up and believe.”

Photo: Instagram

As we can see in the video Brewer is holding the two giant reticulated pythons by their tails while the two reptiles are trying to move ahead. One of the two snakes is a black one and the other is a white one. This black and white combination is creating an amazing feel while their movement is also giving a chilling effect. Besides, both the reptiles are so huge that people with weak heart may consider their sight very much frightening.

Besides huge numbers of likes the Instagram shared snake video has also earned a lot of comments.

A user asked, “Are you ever worried about them attacking yo” while another user said, “Anyone who sees this man in his videos and his amazing zoo has to know he loves his job and life with these animals.”

Yet another user felt, “I’ll die out of heart attack..” while another woman Instagram user wanted to know, “Could they eat a 125lb woman?”

And another user asked, “do you ever have to worry about the bigger ones fighting each other in situations like this?”

Even a user asked what the plan of Brewer is in case these wild reptiles turn hostile. He asked, “What’s your procedure if one of those decides it wants to eat you?”

Another user suggested, “Beautiful, but not as house pets,” while another user asked the names of the pets. He commented, “What are their names.” And another user asked the age of the snakes. “How old are they? …must be older then 15 to have gotten this big,” he asked in the comment box.

Yet another user narrated a thing related to his grandpa but actually wanted to become cautious. He commented, “Growing up I would always talk to my Nana about becoming a tattooer and well she always told me I were living in a dreamworld….. I became a tattooer and had that tattooed on my side. I suppose the moral of the story is even when those closest to you don’t believe in you to never give up on what you want.”

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