Man grabs anaconda by tail, Watch chilling video

A recent video has gone viral where we can see a man grabbing a huge anaconda by its tail. It is unknown why the big creature did not react although the man grabbed its tail like it was a small snake. Of course, in the comment section, people have come up with their answers most of which are really convincing.

Yet, the video is surely chilling and it has gone viral after being posted to Twitter on January 12, 2023. Posted by user Fascinating Footage the video was captioned as, “Fishermen finds huge anaconda. And so far it has earned 10.3 million views.

We can see in the video a few men in a fishing boat trying to catch a huge anaconda that was resting at a side of the water stream. The crews are moving the boat here and there so that they can grab the big creature. And after a few attempts a man on the boat makes it to grab the huge reptile by its tail. What is chilling about the video is that although the man has grabbed the huge snake, it did not attack him in return, rather it tried to get away from him.

The video is fascinating and frightening. Yet, the comment that netizens have put for the video are surely worthy to be mentioned.

A user wrote that it is not an anaconda. He wrote, “That was Titana Boa not a anaconda.” Of course, some other user has some other opinion and he wrote, “Still a larger Anaconda probably 20ft+ but this is no titanoboa.”

And another netizen quipped, “Now what if he just wraps it’s tail around the guys hand and pulls him in the water.”

Yet another Twitter user wanted change in the title. He wants the title to be the other way. He commented, “Change the title to “Huge anaconda finds a fisherman”

And another user commented, ‘I can’t see the anaconda cause this guys massive balls are in the way.”

“Looks like it just had a meal,” wrote a user.

And this user has some other angle to the video as he commented, “he’s more scared of him than he is of it.”

“So, this Green Anaconda had a large prey item inside, which is why it was so swollen. From working with them in the past, they’ll hang in water in general – but more when they’ve had a big meal – this guy clearly had a big meal in him. Made him look bigger in the video,” another comment for the video reads.

“I call bs…gotta be the strongest man in the world if hes holding the tiny tail and not even struggling while this giant snake is full swim mode,” said another comment.

And last but not least another user commented, “Ladies and gentlemen we just found a mythical creature.”

Watch the video here:

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