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Man goes under the sea to play ‘Under the sea’

A recent viral on the internet has left netizens amazed. Joe Jenkins, in his latest stunt was seen playing a piano, underwater.

In a recent viral, a man dived deep into the sea with his piano and played the instrument under the sea. The man, Joe Jenkins, is known for playing instruments at places very unusual. Earlier he played instruments at places like a boat, in front of Buckingham Palace, and on a hot air balloon as well. In his latest stunt, he can be seen playing a tune on a yellow piano, underwater.

He shared a video of the incident on his official Instagram handle. In the video, he can be seen wearing full-fledged diving gear and holding a breathing apparatus, while he played ‘Under the sea’ from The Little mermaid. Speaking to a well-known source, Jenkins said that he first dunked the instrument in the water, went down there diving, and played the piano underwater. He also expressed his happiness about finally being able to pull it off successfully. He also mentioned that the biggest hurdle in his was was to be able to comply with the health and safety regulations.

Take a look at the video here:


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His video left the internet amazed and attracted several comments. The comments included “When I first saw your River Flows In You video, I was hoping one day you would put it underwater…well done,” “You are amazing. You and Matthias should do a collab, like “I played electric love on an electric piano in a power faculty” or something stupid like that,” and “Fish probably already recording it Joe you don’t have to,” among several others.

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