Man From Mumbai Earns Rs 2 Lakh Per Month By Selling Vada Pav At Traffic Signals

Gaurav Londhe, a man from Thane area of Mumbai quit his stable job as a manager and launched a business venture of selling Vada Pav at traffic signals. Presently, Gaurav earns Rs 2 lakh per month and lives a peaceful life.

Gaurav recalls that it was an incident in 2019 which gave him the idea behind the successful venture. He was stuck in a busy traffic signal and was feeling hungry. It was then that the idea of selling snacks to commuters struck his mind.

Gaurav went home and decided to sell fresh vada pavs in a box at traffic-signals. He decided to quit his job and start this business venture.

Gaurav informed the idea to his mother, Ranjana who seemed upset about his decision. Initially she tried to convince her son to continue his job as manager where he earned a salary of Rs 35,000 per month. But as Gaurav was adamant about starting his business venture so she lend him Rs 1 lakh for investing in the business.

While Gaurav engaged himself in the business, his mother took care of the cooking and his wife took the responsibility of packing the food items. Gaurav had planned to sell the snacks at a nearby junction.

Ranjana recalls that, they had prepared 50 vada pavs on the first day, which went unsold. This incident continued for the next five days. This had disappointed Gaurav, who subsequently distributed the snacks among commuters.

However, in the next week the first batch of snacks were sold in an hour and Gaurav asked his family to prepare some more snacks. On that day they sold more than 100 vada pavs and the business skyrocketed, said Ranjana.

Today, the entrepreneur sells around 800 vada pavs daily and earns Rs 2 lakh a month. Gaurav has even rented a kiosk and recruited eight boys to sell the snack at various junctions.

Gaurav sells fresh, hygienic and neatly-packed vada pavs, with a small water bottle and a tissue paper in a box for Rs 20.

(With Inputs From: The Better India)


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