Man forgets to attend his own wedding, the reason will crack you up

A man from Bihar was so excited about the big day that he forgot to attend his own wedding, the reason will crack you up

Marriage is one of the most important days for a person that stays remarkable for the rest of their life. However, a man from Sultanganj village of Bhagalpur, Bihar had a completely different take on making the day memorable.

Reportedly, the man was so excited about the big day that he couldn’t control his happiness and went overboard with his alcohol consumption. He was definitely in a celebratory mood but looks like he raised the glass on the wrong day.

Due to the high consumption of alcohol, the man forgot to attend his own wedding. The bride and her family kept waiting for him at the venue but he didn’t show up. As soon as the groom regained consciousness, he rushed to the bride’s house, but to his disappointment, the bride refused to get married. She said that she cannot spend her life with a man who doesn’t understand his responsibilities. Her family also demanded the groom’s family pay them the money spent on the wedding arrangements.

Reportedly, the argument also took an ugly turn at a point when the bride’s family held some of the groom’s family hostage while waiting for the wedding money. As a result, the police had to get involved and the situation was then brought under control.

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  1. Anwar says

    He is an irresponsible man. Luckily the bride’s family found out before the marriage. The groom’s family is surely culpable to reimbursthe bride’s fully and some plus for all expenses incurred and that will only fulfilling economical burden the social stigma is unfathomable.

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