Man Drops iPhone In River, Finds It After 10 Months in Working Condition

A UK-based man dropped his iPhone in a river almost 10 months ago. One day one day he was informed that his lost phone had been recovered.

People often pull out their phones trying to capture the beauty of nature. However, sometimes a little accident occurs and they lose their branded smartphones, either by dropping them from the cliff of a mountain or into a stream. Something similar happened with a man in the UK, who dropped his iPhone in a river almost 10 months ago. With no hopes of getting it back he moved on but, one day he was informed that his lost phone had been recovered.

As per a report on BBC, Owain Davies dropped his iPhone into the River Wye near Cinderford, Gloucestershire (UK) in August 2021. He was enjoying a bachelor party when the incident took place. Finding his iPhone back from the river seemed impossible to him hence, he went back home getting all upset. However, after 10 months he received surprising news about his lost phone.

Owain was contacted by Miguel Pacheco, who went canoeing with his family on the same river. While canoeing, he came across Davies’ iPhone and picked up the lost device from the river.

Miguel dried the phone and posted about the same on Facebook to find its owner. “I didn’t think it was any good. It was full of water,” he told the BBC.

One might not imagine that the phone would ever work again, but Miguel still made many attempts to dry it up and kept on trying to restart it. He thought that there may have been “sentimental” things on it. He said to the agency, “I know if I lost my phone, I’ve got a lot of pictures of my children, I know I’d want that back.”

To his surprise, when he put the device on charge, it started drawing power from the charger. He then switched it on and saw the pic of a man and woman in the screensaver. It also mentioned the date the phone had fallen into the river, August 13.

Pacheco’s post got more than 4000 reshare on Facebook, but, Davies was not on social media. His friends, however, recognized the phone and helped Davies with connecting with Pacheco.

“I was in a two-man canoe and my partner probably shouldn’t have stood up, and, needless to say, we fell in. The phone was in my back pocket and as soon as it was in the water I realized the phone was gone, Davies told BBC.

Davies also mentioned how impressed he was by all the efforts Pacheco took for his phone.

All the iPhones launched in recent years are IP68 rated, which means that they can survive in freshwater for up to 30 minutes. However, being underwater for 10 months and still working, is definitely a miracle and does not happen too often.

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