Man Drinks Own Urine Daily To Cure Depression, Claims It Restores Youth

A man from England claims that drinking his own urine has “cured” his depression and made him look 10 years younger.

According to the New York Post, Harry Matadeen from Hampshire started drinking his own urine in 2016. He did this because he was depressed and wanted to heal his mental issues desperately. He said that, after he began ‘urine therapy,’ he felt a new sense of peace, calm and determination. Following this bizarre practice, he then became an advocate for ‘drinking your own urine’.

In a statement to Jam Press, Harry said, “It was beyond my wildest imaginations how powerful it was when I drank it.” He further added, “From the moment I drank the urine, it woke up my brain and removed my depression. I felt a new sense of peace, calm and determination.”

“I thought, ‘Wow, I can make it for free and always keep myself in this happy state,” said Harry.

Reportedly, Harry drinks around 200ml of his own urine every day. His daily drink often consists of month-old urine topped off with a splash of fresh pee. The 34-year-old claims that his urine is “super clean”. He also explained that fresh pee has a neutral smell and does not taste bad unless one is really toxic.

Furthermore, Harry explained that stored urine is mostly smelling and its taste is a “refined and acquired one”. The man shared his personal love for aged urine, its smell and taste, as it brings him “benefits and joy.”

As per a report by the Post, Harry also revealed that he not only consumes the urine but also massages in into his face as a moisturiser.

“Urine has made me look a lot younger. Drinking the aged urine has revitalized my face to its youthful years and when I rub it on my face, the difference is instant and obvious,” claimed Harry. He further added, “My skin is young, soft and glowing. Aged urine is the best food for the skin that I have found to date. When you rub it on, it softens the skin and keeps it youthful and elastic. I don’t use any other skincare other than urine.”

Moreover, Harry’s journey describes his ‘urine therapy’ as a not so easy journey. It is because his family “never approved” of his “disgusting” habit. His sisters even stopped talking to him after he formed this new practice. However, he feels supported by a few people whom he can count on.

It is to be noted that, according to the Post, there are no ‘health benefits’ found in the studies yet. It is also not known whether drinking or rubbing your own urine onto your body can stop ageing.

UK doctor Jeff Foster, however, has explained that drinking your own urine is “much worse.” It can actually make one dehydrated and potentially introduce bacteria.

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