Man buys bike with Re 1 coins saved over 3 years, store takes 10 hours to count

It is not the first time that someone has bought their desired vehicle with money saved in coins. Earlier, a man from Assam went viral for buying his dream scooter with a unique of way payment. The man did not save the money in  bank but in fact the payment was in form of coins that he saved for years. Similarly, a boy from Tamil Nadu has now made to headlines for buying his dream bike worth Rs. 2.6 lakh with the money he saved for over three years.

Reportedly, it took the showroom 10 hours to count the total amount.

29-year-old V Boopathi from Salem city in TN, saved money for more than three years to be able to buy Bajaj Dominar 400. He would exchange all his saved currency notes into Re 1 coins at temples, hotels and tea-stalls.

Reportedly, the showroom manager Mahavikranth said that he was at first reluctant to accept the money but later gave in since he didn’t want to disappoint the Boopathi.

He further said that, “The banks would charge 140 as commission for counting 1 lakh (that too in 2,000 denomination). How will they accept it when we give them 2.6 lakh in one-rupee coins.” However, Mahavikranth finally accepted the money, considering Boopathi’s dream to buy a high-end bike.

Boopathi, his four friends, and five staffs of the showroom counted the coins, and it took them almost 10 hours to complete the task. After the count, the man got to complete further procedure and finally got his bike around 9 PM on Saturday.

The 29-year-old works as a computer operator in a private company. Apart from that, he is also a YouTuber, and has poster several videos on his channel in the past four years. According to Boopathi, he inquired about the cost of the bike around three years ago and started saving for it ever ever since. However, the bike was of Rs. 2 lakh, back then, but its price increased throughout the years.

Boopathi saved the money from the revenue earned from his YouTube channel. He recently inquired about the cost of the bike and learned that it was Rs. 2.6 lakh on road now. Fortunately, he had that sort of amount this time to fulfil his dream, he said.

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