Man asked if he can play cricket during weekend curfew, Delhi police’s reply will crack you up

Delhi police put up barricades at various places in Delhi during the weekend curfew. People who violated the the curfew were fined. Delhi police also appealed to people through social media, to follow the Covid guidelines and take the weekend curfews seriously.

However, a lot of people had their doubts regarding the guidelines initiated by the government and curfew during the weekends. Social media users directed their questions to the Delhi Police. Some people took to Twitter to tag Delhi Police’s official account in order to clarify their queries. One such question asked by a Twitterati made the organisation give their wittiest reply which has left netizens cracked up.

A man in Twitter asked if he can play cricket during the weekend curfew. Although he promised to maintain social distancing and wear mask, Delhi police gave a decided to add a little pun to their rejection to his appeal.

The Twitter user wrote, “Can we play cricket with social distancing and masks…”

To which, Delhi police responded, “That’s a silly point, sir. It is time to take extra cover. Also, Delhi Police is good at catching.”

Take a look:

Delhi Police’s tweet made it clear that playing outdoor cricket was a bad idea during the weekend lockdown as those involved can be punished by the police for flouting Covid-19 rules.

People were impressed by the tweet as many praised the hilarious response of Delhi police. One person wrote, “Historical answer ……super” and another wrote, “nailed it.”

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