Live crabs offered in this temple of Gujarat: Watch

Though it seems unusual, there is a temple in Gujarat where devotees offer live crabs on the Shivalingam. It is believed here that if someone offers crab in the said temple, then his ear-related problems gets cured.

It is the Ramnath Ghela Mahadev Temple in Surat where people offer live crabs to the God and place it on the Shivalinga. Situated along the banks of River Tapi in Umra area, the temple receives footfall of a large number of devotees across the ear.

News Agency ANI recently mentioned about this shrine in a tweet that reads, “Devotees offer crabs to Lord Shiva at Ramnath Shiv Ghela temple in Gujarat’s Surat.”

“There is a belief that if you offer crabs here then your ear-related problems will be cured, said Falguni, a devotee.

“Crabs are offered here once a year. We believe that by offering crabs here our children will not have any ear pain,” said Pushpa, another devotee, ANI also tweeted.

Yet this special and perilous rite is not practised for the whole year, rather it is observed only for one day in a year.

After devotees complete their puja here then they put a live crab on the Shivalingam. After sometime the crabs are caught and released it into the water of River Tapi.

Watch the video here:

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