Little girl plays with python, video goes viral: Watch

Snake is a scary reptile for many. Yet, the story is not the same for all. Sometimes, even a small girl is not frightened about a deadly snake.

This was the case as seen in a recent video shared on Instagram where it was seen that a cute small girl is trying to catch a black-coloured long deadly python while the reptile is slithering on the floor to get away from her. Yet, the fearless girl is not allowing the snake to leave the place.

Shared by snakemasterexotics on Instagram a few weeks ago, the post has so far earned more than 8 million likes. The video was captioned by the Instagram user who posted it, as ‘Loving this big girl’.

Watch the Instagram video here:


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The post has earned a good number of comments. Many of the users have provided their reactions about the little girl. A user wrote, “Omg she is so brave” praising the girl. Another user writes, “That’s a nice large Carpet Python you have there. Thank you for sharing.”

Another Instagram user claimed it to be a toy. The user commented, “That’s a cool toy lol”. Even a user did not forget to praise the two. The user wrote, “Very cool snake very cute girl.”

In an earlier video it had been seen that a cobra snake was waiting for a ride as the pavilion rider in a bicycle.

Watch the video here:


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