Little boy salutes security official at Bangalore Airport: Watch

The video of a kid saluting a security personnel shot at Bengaluru Airport has gone viral recently. A twitter user named Abhishek Kumar Jha posted it on Twitter and claimed it to be shot at Bengaluru Airport by one of his friends.

As seen in the video a child is walking down towards a security vehicle accompanied by an adult and offering a perfect salute to the security personnel on board the vehicle. And in return, the security personnel is also seen reacting to the child’s salute and performing a salute in return.

While the video, in unwritten language narrates the love and respect of Indians for the security personnel (as they render security to the citizens by fighting with every perilous situation) it is clear from the video that even a little boy understands about the sacrifice of the security personnel and thus wants to pay respect. And above all, the soulful number ‘Teri Mitti’ can be heard in the background which enhances the feel of patriotism in the clip.

Last year a similar video had gone viral where a little boy was seen saluting an ITBP personnel with great enthusiasm.

In the 21- second video which was shared by the ITBP in its official Twitter handle, one Namgyal, a local kid of Chushul village in Ladakh was seen saluting the ITBP troops passing by.

In the video some of the jawans are heard telling the child not to open his legs, but to set his feet together. Then at the behest of the jawans, the child is seen resting and saluting them.

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