Lioness approaches 2 people riding scooter, watch what happens next

In a terrifying video, two men in Gujarat were left petrified when a lioness approached them, out of nowhere. In a viral video doing rounds on the Internet, a lioness can be seen walking towards the travellers who are on a scooter. As the lion approaches them, the person riding on the pillion of the scooter, captures the video.

The incident is reportedly from Gujarat’s Gir forest.

In the short clip, the man capturing the video can be heard panicking and chanting the name of some guru out of fear. Luckily, the lioness doesn’t attack them, instead just crossed the mud road and jumped away to the adjacent field.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda took to his Twitter handle to share the video and wrote, “Co travellers on a Village road. Happens in India.”

Take a look:

So far, the video has garnered more than 49.7k views and several comments by curious netizens asking why didn’t the lion attack the travellers. One user responded saying, ”Lions don’t attack humans unless they are provoked.
Its the same with almost all wild cats except those that have become man eaters or they mistake humans for other small animals. They ideally want to avoid humans as much and as often as possible.”

Some also praised the traveller’s patience and bravery and said that it takes a lot of guts to stand still like that, even though the lioness was in no mood to attack. Others said that such incidents are pretty common in that area.

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