Lion tries to punch Giraffe, watch consequence in viral video

A lion tried to punch a giraffe and severely failed. Yet, the story does not ends there. The king of jungle also receives a couple of kicks from the tall animal. This is what we see in a viral video that has been posted to social media merely a few minutes ago.

We can see in the video that a lion is takes a big leap and manages to hit a punch in the neck of giraffe. Normally lions attack the neck of an animal when they haunt irrespective of any size of the prey. But this time the giraffe probably had prior knowledge of the attack and it was alert. Hence, beforehand, it had started running. And in this run for life the tall animal not only fails the lethal attack of the king of the forest, but it also manages to hit a number of kicks on the lion. And in this fierce fight, the lion seems desperate while the giraffe successfully confronts the lion and also saves itself from a real danger.

User ‘Nature Is Amazing’ posted the video to the X handle @AMAZINGNATURE  a few minutes ago today and within just one hour it has already garnered more than 38 thousand views. The caption of the post reads, “Other lion: “so how did you break your back?” Lion: “I don’t wanna talk about it”

Apart from a huge and quick response the video also has grabbed a number of interesting comments. Here are a few of them.

“Giraffe successfully fights off lion,” commented a user.

“Nature is wild,” wrote another user.

A third commented, “That’s what you get for attacking a giraffe.”

“Lion tried to punch above his weight,” a fourth wrote.

“Adult giraffes are formidable opponents for a group of lions due to their powerful kicks that can even be fatal,” yet another user wrote.

Watch the video here:

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