Lion attacks man as he walks through its enclosure, watch

The distressing video of a lion attacking and dragging a man inside its enclosure on a safari has surfaced. After being shared by Twitter user Terrifying Nature on April 28, 2023 the video has gone viral. Reports say the man could be rescued though he suffered a broken jaw and several lacerations.

Posted by Terrifying Nature the video was captioned, “Terrifying moment lion savagely attacks British park owner.” The post has so far earned 1.2 million views merely within this couple of days.

As we can see in the video the man was walking towards a lion inside a big enclosure. After he walked a little bit, he was seen turning and running towards probably the exit point while the lion chased him. The lion then lunged on him and dragged him by his back. It then stopped for a while when the man probably tried to save himself from this lethal attack. He was seen lying on the ground and tried to move his legs when again the lion grabbed him by his neck and disappeared into the bushes. We can also hear the frantic scream of a woman who was pleading for help.

It has been known that the victim old man is the owner of that Safari.

Here are a few comments users wrote for the video:

Walking so comfortably without a back up. No gun Who does that?

I know it’s so hard but u never run

A lion attacked a park owner in Britain and it was a very scary moment.

Watch the video here:

(Note: Distressing video)

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  1. Tammy says

    What the hell was he doing in there, got what he deserved. I hate people who cage up wild animals go into the cages get attacked then whine about don’t be so stupid and they best not kill that lion it’s completely the man’s fault probably don’t feed the lions enough either

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