King Cobra in bathroom, video goes viral: Watch

For many a snake is always scary. May it be small or big, people get frightened if they come across a snake somewhere. Yet, if a snake is seen in a public place, people gather courage to get a glimpse of it. However, think of your situation, if you find a snake the moment you open the door of your bathroom. And if that snake is none other than a huge King Cobra, how will you react.

Such a frightening incident has taken place somewhere. And the video of the King Cobra was uploaded to social media. Within moments the clip has earned huge likes and views.

Posted to Instagram on March 21 by the user snake_unity, the clip has so far earned more than 50,000 views.

The video has earned mixed response from netizens. A user has commented, “What is happening on social media these days is nothing but a spectacle. People are doing anything to make their own video viral. What does it prove to be?”

Watch the video here:


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