Kid’s archery skill wins hearts of netizens: Watch viral video

A recent video has gone viral where we can see the talent of a kid as an archer. Posted to Twitter by Pallavi Priya the post has so far earned a number of views, likes and comments.

A talented archer can hit a target at long range. Even they may shoot simply with hands or may take innovative body postures to shoot. Archers may hone their skills for sport and enter competitions, their family or tribe, or even utilize this skill as a form of self defense in time of need. Even these days skilled archers are making headlines for their roles in films, TV shows and other showcases of fictions.

One should have deep concentration and the ability to ignore distractions, forearm strength, strong eyesight and flexibility to become a good archer.

As we can see in the video, the boy is putting his hands on the ground and balancing his whole body to stand on the strength of the hands. Beforehand he has already gripped the bow and arrow in his legs. Now while looking to his front side, he is shooting an arrow holding it in his legs to blow a balloon that is attached to a stand.

Undoubtedly, the skill that the boy shows in the clip is praiseworthy. The video has got more than 26k views on Twitter. And the post has also got a number of comments.

A user wrote, “must be doing backbends everydy…. Nice” while another writes, “Wow ! I didn’t get logic of doing hastag of the list you written in this archery? Can you enlighten me?”

The post by Pallavi is captioned as,” Arjun is still there….#Sujeeth #FireStormIsComing Idli #HindenbergResearch DEPTH #Adaniscam Poha #30January Patriotism #TeJran.”

And thus another user asks, “So who is Arjun in this drama ?”

Watch the video here:

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