‘Khush Rahiye’: Boy sends message to COVID patients through meal boxes made by his mom

Kindness, humanity and many such good virtues is what helps the world keep going. If not for this qualities, the human world would have been demonized by now.

There are good people out there who make the world a better place. In a glaring example is a little boy who is doing his bit to reduce the pain of COVID-19 patients in these tough times, through a simple gesture.

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The boy has a special message on meal boxes prepared by his mother for Covid-19 patients. His special gesture is now winning hearts on social media.

A photo of the boy writing “Khush rahiye” on the meal boxes prepared is going viral online. “This boy’s mother cooks for Covid patients and this sweet boy writes ‘Be happy’ on each box for them,” wrote Twitter user ‘@manishsarangal1’ while sharing the pic.

Have a look at the picture here:

The photo shows the schoolboy dressed in a green shirt, painstakingly spelling out “Khush rahiye” on the cardboard lid of a meal box. Next to him on the table are several meal boxes, each one featuring the two words in Hindi, followed by a smiley face.

Netizens cannot stop praising the boy and his mother for the thoughtful gesture. The picture first was shared by a Twitter user and soon it went viral on other social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

Since being shared online, it has reached thousands of people. The tweet has collected over 12,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Read below a few comments on the little boy:

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