Kanpur Government Employee Seeks Leave To Bring Back Home Upset Wife, Letter Goes Viral

A Kanpur man’s honesty is being widely praised all over social media. The man wrote an application to his boss, seeking leave to bring his upset wife back home.

Shamshad Ahmed, a government official from Kanpur, UP, asked his higher official for a three-day leave to make amends with his angry wife and bring her back home.

Reportedly, he had a dispute with his wife earlier, after which she went to her maternal home along with their kids. In the letter, Shamshad stated that he wanted to make amends and bring her back.

The letter written in Hindi read, “I am hurt. I have to go to her village to persuade her to return. Please accept my leave application.”

The higher official approved his leave application, and let Shamshad take a break from work to resolve the dispute with his wife.

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