Can brother and sister make love, Pakistan University’s question creates outrage

Is it okay for brother and sister to ‘make love’? This was the question that had been asked in an examination of a University in Pakistan. Twitter user Shehryar Bukhari took to Twitter and posted the question paper.

The said Twitter user wrote in the caption in Urdu whose Google translation reads: “The top universities of Pakistan are on a mission to destroy the youth of Pakistan and our culture and religious values! Promoting Ganga-Jimni civilization in LUMS and teachings on sex between brother and sister in COMSATS!”

In the question it was asked to write an Essay on a given topic. The topic was titled ‘The Julie and Mark Scenario’. The passage reads: Julie and Mark are brother and sister. They are travelling together in France on summer vacation from college. One night they are staying alone in a cabin near the beach. They decide that it would be interesting and fun if they tried making love. As the very least, it would be a new experience for each of them. Julie was already taking birth control pills, and Mark used a condom too, just to be safe. They both enjoy making love, but they decide never to do it again. They keep that night as a special secret which makes them feel even closer to each other.

A question following the above passage in the said question paper reads: “What do you think about that? Was it ok for them to make love?” There are other questions also.

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