Interesting twist! Court allows man to visit pet dog now in custody of divorced wife

This interesting episode will surely make animal lovers happy. Especially if you are fond of pet dogs you will be overwhelmed to know that a Brazilian Court recently allowed a divorced man to visit the pet dog that he and his former wife were bringing up together before their divorce.

As per reports, a couple from Sau Paulo in Brazil had married in 2008. After living as man and wife for a span of four years they became separate. The divorce was not a big problem. However, they were bringing up a dog together and both of them were ardent lover of the pet.

After their separation, the woman kept the dog with her. However, her former husband also wanted to keep the dog. As they could not reach to a decision, the matter landed in Court. The Court issued an order that the man now will be entitled to visit the lucky dog “at times such as weekends, holidays and end-of-year celebrations,” the tribunal said.

“He may also participate in activities such as taking the animal to the vet,” the Court reportedly also said.

The dog lover is very happy after getting permission to visit its favourite animal.

(With inputs from NDTV)

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