Interesting! German couple travel in a Mercedes truck for 12 years, now in India

Now-a-days going on road trips has become a fad. Almost all couples, families and friends are going on trips and sharing their experiences on social media.

A German couple and their children have been on the road for almost 12 years. The couple recently visited Kerala.

Watch how people reacted to them:

Video Credits: Keralakaumudi News 

The couple have customized a Mercedes-Benz 911 4×4 truck into a caravan and are using it for their world tour.

They have been travelling for almost 12 years and in this timespan they have visited as many as 90 countries.

The man, Thorben was an engineer by profession and his wife Michi is a writer by profession. The couple has two children.

After visiting many Indian states, they recently visited Kozhikode and were overwhelmed by the love they got.

The truck boasts of a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen, thus enough room for a small family.

The couple plan to cover the entire length and breath of the country.

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