Instagram Influencer Paints Mask On Face To Go Shopping In Bali, Video Goes Viral

In the wake of the second wave of COVID-19, wearing a face mask has been made mandatory everywhere. Even scientists and doctors have advised everyone to wear masks indoors in order to stay safe.

However, two social media influencers, painted their face with masks instead of wearing real masks. After that they went for shopping at a store in holiday destination Bali, Indonesia. The video of their painted mask has gone viral on social media and has attracted huge attention.

Many netizens brutally trolled the two influencers for their careless behavior which could lead other people at risk.

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After facing severe backlash on the internet, the two social media stars Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se apologized for their act and said that it was just a prank to entertain their fans and followers. The two also removed the viral video after severe criticism.

As seen in the clip, Josh was seen wearing a mask while Leia’s mouth was painted with blue make-up both entered the supermarket and walked around.

One of the customers at the market, in fact, also asked Leia whether she was indeed wearing a real mask. Both were allowed inside the store since Leia’s paint mask at first glance appeared seemingly real.

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Enraged over their act, a Balinese designer and politician, Niluh Djelantik posted “Your exclusive prank will not be so exclusive anymore.” In her post, she also tagged the Directorate-General of Immigration with the request to deport Josh and Leia.

Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se are Taiwanese and Russian nationals respectively and are currently holidaying in Bali.

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