In This Village, Farmers Use Bullet Proof Tractors For Farming

In this village, farmers use bullet proof tractors for farming. Interestingly, it is not somewhere in a foreign country, but in our India. Though, it might sound weird, but it is a fact.

This village is located on the Haryana-Uttar Pradesh border. Farmers use these tractors for their safety.  These tractors come with pre fitted cameras.

The tractors have ththe regular four stroke, diesel engine but their engine speed is nearly twice that of the usual tractors. These tractors have power steering and disc brakes and CCTV cameras to capture the evidence.

As the villages in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh borders see major land related disputes, the farmers from both the states claim their stake on these farmlands.

These disputes create rifts between the farmers who often resort to violent steps to get rid of their rivals during paddy growing and harvesting.

Farmers often attack each other using swords, lathis, knives and even guns. To protect themselves, the farmers here use the bullet proof tractors.

Regular attempts are being made to stop these fights and put an end to the rivalry, but alas.

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