Image of rare pink dolphin surfaces, internet confused if it’s real or fake

The pictures of unique and rare animals often go viral over the internet. Meanwhile, photos of a pink dolphin off the coast of North Carolina are going viral online creating a buzz over its existence.

The image was originally shared on Facebook and later it has been shared on micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by The Figen. In the image, a pink coloured dolphin can be seen jumping in the air and another stranded on North Caarolina’s Hatteras Beach. Meanwhile, after being viral, the photo has raised speculation with many users questioning the authenticity of the images, wondering if they were AI generated or real.

After being shared, the post has garnered over 30.1 million views, while over 4.89 lakh X users have liked the post.

Reacting to the post, one user commented, “I only see things like this in Sofia the first cartoons, not sure there are real pink Dolphins for real.” Another person wrote, “Pink dolphins, also known as Amazon river dolphins or boto, are a rare and unique species of dolphin found in the Amazon River and its tributaries in South America. They are known for their distinctive pink color, which is caused by blood vessels near the skin’s surface.”

Meanwhile, a third person said, “Okay I didn’t even know this was a thing! Thank you for sharing this, am That would be wild to see in-person!Indian mai tum bade famous ho sir! Your voice is so good!” A fifth person wrote, “Rare? Doesn’t even look cooked bro.”

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