“Human-Sized” bat found hanging outside a building, pic goes viral

An old pic of a 'human-sized' bat has resurfaced online and left people baffled by the discovery. Watch viral pic here

If you are an avid Internet user, you might have come across a photo of a giant bat that surfaced online a few years ago. The old pic has resurfaced on social media and left people baffled by the discovery. The pic shows a “human-sized” bat hanging from a wire outside a building in the Philippines.

Albeit being shared on Reddit in 2018, the photograph began gaining attention again last month when Twitter user ‘@AlexJoestar622’ shared it on Twitter.

While sharing the pic the user wrote, “Remember when I told y’all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah, this was what I was talking about.”

The post has garnered more than 2.6 lakh likes and tons of comments. While many were terrified, some doubted if the pic is morphed. After a fact check, we can assure you that the picture is 100 percent authentic.

According to sources, such an animal actually exists in the world.

As per the details provided in the post, the bat is actually as tall as a six-year-old. A Twitter user commented, “I can confirm this, they have a huuuuuge wingspan but the bodies are not really that big, more or less like the same body as a medium (bit smaller) sized dog. He also added that the bats are ‘really gentle.’

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