Huge snake climbs on the electric pole, watch what happens next

A heart-wrenching video has emerged from Indore of Madhya Pradesh. Here the snake climbed on an electric pole and then suddenly it got such a strong electric shock that the 10-feet snake fell directly on the ground from 25-feet height.

According to the eyewitnesses, the snake crawled on the cable of the electricity department and climbed on it, which is located at the intersection of street number 6 of BK Sindhi Colony, Jagriti Nagar,

In the viral video, an explosion can be seen on the electric pole as soon as the snake came in contact with the live wire. Soon, the snake fell to the ground 25 feet below after getting an electric shock.

Although the snake did not die due to the electric shock, it was badly injured on its mouth.

Some locals informed the snake catcher, Painter Prakash, who immediately rushed to the spot and rescued the injured snake. Later, he released it in a forest.

Meanwhile, the video of the snake being electrocuted is fiercely becoming viral on social media platforms.

Watch viral video:


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