Huge black snake seen swallowing quail egg in scary video: Watch

A black cobra was recently seen in a video swallowing a quail egg from a pet. The video seems scary as it shows the huge snake from a close angle gulping the whole egg. The video has gone viral within a short span.

As we can watch in the video, the snake, which is also claimed to be a corn snake by some netizens, is seen along with a few other snakes of the same species to whom a few pieces of eggs has been provided in a pot for food. Initially one of the snakes stares at the egg and then proceeds forward to grab and lift it to put it in its mouth. The next step for it was – the Snake gulped the egg as a whole.

What snakes use to it. Generally pet snakes are given frozen mice to be eaten. The second thing is, do snakes eat quail eggs? The answer is yes, because we can see it clearly in the video. Since quail eggs have many benefits for snakes, some species use to collect that. The list of snakes includes corn snake, hognose snake, rat snake, and egg eater snake.

Posted by World_of_Snakes_ to Instagram merely a few minutes before, the said clip has already earned nearly 2k likes.

And the video also earned a lot of comments. A user wrote, “My buttery caramel corn snake did not know what to do with quail eggs.”

Another Instagram user commented, “Its so pretty.”

Watch the video here:

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