Horrifying! Hundreds of migratory birds fall to death in Mexico; Watch

In a horrifying video from the streets of Northern Mexico hundred of migratory birds were seen falling to the ground while flying. The incident took place in Mexico’s Cuauhtémoc city, and was caught on a security camera.

In the video, a large flock of yellow-headed blackbirds can be seen plummeting from the sky. Some of them flew upwards but many fall dead on the street.

As per the sources, many locals spotted several yellow-headed blackbirds lying dead on roads and sidewalks of Cuauhtémoc on February 7, 2022.

The unusual death of the migratory birds that travel to Mexico from Canada around this time of the year has caused much speculation.

The local newspaper of Cuauhtémoc city stated that according to the veterinarian the deaths could have been caused by sudden electrocution or high levels of pollution in the city.

After the video went viral all over social media, netizens are blaming 5G technology—a theory not supported by evidence. Another source suggested that the attack can be caused by a predatory bird that led the whole flock to crash to the ground.

Watch Video Here:

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