Hilarious video shows Mongoose playing ‘dead’ to invite Hornbill to play: Watch

A clip of two mongooses playing dead to attract attention of a hornbill has surfaced online and it is too hilarious to miss

Several animal videos from the midst of the jungle often circulate online. People on safari wouldn’t miss at least one or two amazing sightings on the cusp of nature. Now, one such clip of two mongooses playing with a hornbill has surfaced online and it is too hilarious to miss.

Shared on YouTube by Safari Live, the clip shows one of the mongoose pups lying down on their backs playing ‘Dead’ in front of the bird inviting it to play with it. Notably, mongoose pups do so to signal other ones to wrestle with them. Further in the video, it can be seen when the bird didn’t show any interest in the pup’s antics, it invited its sibling to grapple with it.

Remarkably, adult mongooses and hornbills share a mutualistic hunting relationship, which means the fearless pup was potentially risking death just to have some fun.

Watch Video Here:

Netizens loved the clip and filled the comment section with witty reactions. Some also mentioned how happy the video made them.

One Internet user wrote, “One of my favorite sightings of all time. Part of it’s Tayla’s laugh and amusement. Part is that I’ve never seen a mongoose act this way, it was absolutely unexpected! Bless you, for posting this. I often come back and watch this when I need a laugh.” Another comment read, “This is absolutely hilarious, I love Tayla’s infectious laughter.”

A third person joked, “The bird seemed confused. Didn’t know what to make out of it. Do funny. That’s a comedian Mongoose. Lol” and a fourth comment read, “4:04 joke’s on you, that girl is actually the Dragonborn!”

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