Hi-Tech Robot at a Tech Show turns out to be a man in costume

Hi Tech talking and dancing robot at a Tech Show in Russia recently caught everyone’s attention. It turned out to be a man in robot costume later

In a recently concluded Tech Show in Russia, Robot Boris caught everyone’s attention. The ‘Robot’ could talk, dance, and easily follow given instructions. The show was intended to showcase technical growth Russia has achieved.

Many national and international channels covered the show and heaped praises. They all praised the robot for its ability to speak and dance. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot that can do all this is a huge advancement in AI research.

According to Sky News, bloggers and journalists pointed out human-like gestures and movements that the robot made during the broadcast.

But viewers and other journalists spotted some human-like movements and other discrepancies – and discovered Boris was, in fact, a human wearing a robot costume sold by a Russian company.

Man in robot costume
Pic Credit: MBKh Media

According to The Guardian, the man was wearing a £3,000 (about Rs. 54, 000) robot costume designed by the company Show Robots. It included a microphone and a tablet display.

MBKh Media tweeted first with the video of Boris The Robot:

They further tweeted with the man in the robot costume:

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