Heroic Rescue By Onlookers: Two Kids Jump From Burning Building; Watch Viral Video

Many people live in skyscrapers in cities. Life is in danger when something untoward incident happens. Whether the building is on fire or it collapses due to earthquake! A video is going viral on social media, in which two children are seen jumping down from the third floor of an apartment. Actually, there was a fire in the apartment. Black smoke was coming out. All exit routes were closed. In such a situation, the children jumped from the window and the crowd caught them.

This shocking video was shared by Twitter user @ oumsedia6 on July 21. By the time of writing this news, it has received more than seven and a half lakh views and more than 8 thousand likes. Many people praised the heroes who saved the children.

According to the report, the horrific incident occurred on Tuesday, July 21, in St. Martini de Harris on the outskirts of Grenoble, France. It can be seen in the viral footage that two boys are taking turns jumping from the third floor of the building in turn. Athoumani Walid, 25, who was among the rescuers, says that five to six people standing below spread their arms and others started asking them to jump down.

The crowd cautiously caught the children. Both are fine. Regrettably, during the catch of the children, Athoumani Walid’s hand was broken and another person also suffered a fracture. Walid said, “I saw the children screaming. Both were at the third floor window. There was a lot of smoke and strong flames from where. Even the condition inside the building was the same. The children were very scared. They were crying. ‘

The video is filmed by neighbor Souhaila Saidi. She says, “She was very worried and in awe” when she saw the children ready to jump down. Luckily both are well. ” Mayor of Grenoble praised the residents for saving the children.

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