Hero Dog Saves Little Girl From Falling Into Water, Watch Viral Video

Dogs have always been considered as loyal friends of humans. Many videos are shared by dog lovers which shows the faithfulness of animals. Now a new video of a dog has surfaced online which proved that a dog can be even protect humans.

A video of a dog preventing a little girl from falling into water and drowning has won the hearts of netizens and is being praised for its alertness and intelligence on the social media.

In the video, a little girl was trying to enter into a river to retrieve her ball which is very dangerous as she could have fallen into the water and drowned in the river.

However, a dog sitting nearby prevented her from falling into the river by dragging her from behind and brings her to safe land like a hero.

Then the dog jumped into the river and fetched the ball to placate the little girl.

The video was shared on Twitter by an Indian Forest Service officer named Susanta Nanda on 22nd February. He shared the video with the caption “The best time to make friends is before you need them.

Here is the post:

The video is being widely circulated on social media as people praised the dog for its alertness and intelligence.

The people praised the dog for rescuing the girl and averting a great tragedy. The video has already been viewed over 50.2k people, liked by more than 6.9k people till now.

Many people left many remarks on the video and called the dog a good boy for its clever act.

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