Gurugram man marries two women, wives divide week to share him equally

In a bizarre incident, a man managed two wives and their two children, separated equal time for three days each to live with them peacefully.

When it comes to marriage, most people find it quite challenging. However, in a bizarre incident that occurred in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a man managed to create a whole system to accommodate two wives and their two children, separated his time consistently into equal parts, and chose to keep him for three days each. The wives were so understanding that they even gave Sunday to the man to let him have some personal space.

A Haryana engineer married 28-year-old Seema in 2018. The couple had a son after living together for two years. The husband made the decision to take his wife and child to her parents’ house when the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020. Seema stayed at her house while her husband lived alone as the lock down continued.

During this time, the husband began having an affair with one of his coworkers. Despite the man’s long-distance marriage, the couple moved in together as they became closer. The engineer finally made the decision to wed his colleagues. Soon, they became parents to a baby girl.

When Seema got word of the second marriage, she immediately headed to Gurugram to understand the whole scenario. She got into a huge argument with her husband, and she came back to Gwalior. She then made the decision to file a case in the family court to ask him for financial support for the upbringing of her son.

The couple went to counseling and had back-and-forth conversations about the situation. Seema was informed by the husband that her son would not receive sufficient financial support, and he insisted on finding a different means. The couple reached an agreement, according to counselor Harish Dewan, who acted as a mediator.

As per the settlement, the husband was required to divide the week into three parts. Each of the equal portions was to be devoted to the wives. This meant that he would take care of Seema and their son three days a week and his second wife and their daughter the next three days. Separate flats were also given to both the wives in Gurugram itself so that he can live with both of them peacefully.

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