Groom plays video of bride cheating on him with brother-in-law at own wedding

A wedding in China saw a tragic end after the groom played a video that left the guests in horror. In the clip, the man exposed his bride’s affair with another man.

Reportedly, the groom revealed through the adult video that the bride had been cheating on him with her brother-in-law.

A glimpse from the ceremony has gone viral online and has been creating a buzz over the Internet. The ceremony that took a dramatic turn for the worse after the groom exposed his cheating to-be wife.

The now viral-video is a glimpse from the chaotic wedding that shows all the guests present in the wedding hall, and the bride and groom walking down the aisle to the center stage. However, as soon as they reached the chapel, the monitor above the couple’s head played a video that shows the bride in a compromising position with her pregnant sister’s husband.

As soon as the bride realized what was going on, her quick reaction was to throw the wedding bouquet at her to-be husband. The man could also be heard shouting at her saying, “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

According to NY Post, the clip originally surfaced online in 2019, has resurfaced once again and is going massively viral. The recent glimpse shared on Twitter has clocked more than 166k views and tons of comments.

Twitteratis had mixed reaction towards it, while some questioned why did the groom spent all that money on wedding if he knew she was cheating? others agreed to his doings and said that if they were him they would totally do so.

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