Groom gave such reaction after seeing the bride that video became viral now, Watch

There is no doubt that wedding day is a very important and special day in everyone’s life. Be it the groom or bride or their family members, each one of them gives his/her best and wears such dresses or makeups so that he/she looks beautiful and charming.

Girls hire makeup artists and spend hours getting ready on their big day to look the best. They feel extremely happy to get a comment for their looks and dresses. However, it is the comment or the reaction of the groom that makes the bride’s day.

As the wedding season is on several videos of marriages are coming to the fore or are going viral. One such video is now doing the rounds on different social media platforms where the groom’s adorable reaction to his bride’s look will melt your heart.

The video has been shared by the Instagram page, wedding_fairs. In the viral video, it can be seen that the groom, whose name is Rishi, is entering the bride’s room (whose name is Soumya Varma). Soon after entering the bride’s room, Rishi gets so much surprise and becomes speechless after seeing his gorgeous lady in the bridal wear that he takes her hand, and plants a few kisses.


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