Gold Ferrari: Anand Mahindra’s post on video of Indian-American’s Pure Gold Car goes viral


Indians are known for their love for gold worldwide. Now, an Indian American is in limelight on social media for his love for the yellow metal.

A video shared by Industrialist Anand Mahindra is going viral on internet in which he shared his views on an Indian-American man’s pure gold car.

The car in the video is a shining ‘Pure gold Ferrari’. The video shows a gold car parked outside a building and a woman introducing it as “Indian American with pure gold Ferrari car.” Then two men enters the car, and gets ready to drive away with people watching them and taking photos of the shinning car.

A woman can be heard talking and launching in the background with awe when the man operates the detachable roof. The two men then drive away from the place and wave bye to the camera of the woman.

Anand Mahindra shared the video with the caption, “I don’t know why this is going around on social media unless it is a lesson on how NOT to spend your money when you are wealthy…”

The post has already got 224.6K views and 8.4K likes till now.

Watch the video here:

This post raised various reactions from many social media users and many posted their views bellow the post.

One user said, “This might also be a lesson on “how to get mugged in your very first drive,” suggesting that the blatant display of wealth could attract trouble as well.

While one other user said “Well Indian love gold and will wear it to show off however it takes! And this is no showoff. Many Indian rich have multiple assets and they use it/show off in India too. Because of the fear of getting a gold plated car scratched, they still keep it in their garages. ”

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