God’s grace! Girl escapes narrowly from lighting strike while making reel, Video viral

A shocking video of a girl miraculously escaping from certain death while making a reel in rain on a terrace has gone viral on social media platforms. As per reports, the incident took place in in Sitamarhi, Bihar. The video captures how a girl narrowly avoids a lightning strike while creating a dance video on her neighbor’s terrace in Sitamarhi.

With the arrival of the monsoon season, the occurrence of rain with lighting and thunder has become more frequent. So, it is very dangerous to get outside of the house while it is raining as there is danger of being stricken by lighting outside. While most people adhere to take caution and stay at home during rain, some people like to have some fun in the rain, which could sometime be proven fatal and the viral video confirms that.

The viral video shows the girl, identified as Sania Kumari, dancing in in the rain on the rooftop of Devnarayan Bhagat’s home in Sirsia Bazar, Parihar.

Whie she was enjoying the rain and dancing for a reel, several lighting strike struck alarmingly close to her on the terrace. However, with god’s mercy, the girl remain unscathed as she was not hit by the lighting directly and manages to run safely without injury.

The video was shared by thetatvaindia. The video has evoked several types of emotions among the social media users while some users mocked the girl on her dancing some condemn her recklessness of dancing in rain for making reel.

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Here is what the comments said,

“Lighting spell for real,” said one user. Another said, “Thor didn’t get entertained by her dance.”

“Nature be like : light wala effect mai deti hu”. Another comment reads, “Nature made her famous.”

Another made a game comparison and said, “We got Yamraj and girl collab before GTA VI.”

One user said, “Indradev (with pro max frustration) -” padhai likhai karo ias yas bano,
Nahi tumko papa ki pari banana hei.”

Another users ocmmeted Indra Dev was not pleased with her dancing, “She needs to work a little bit more on her skill because clearly Indra dev wasn’t pleased neither was Thor. LMAO.”

A users said, “Ye reels banana ek bimari hai, aur wo kitne logon ko barbad kar rahi hai.”

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