Girl Predicts Future Like Baba Vanga, 10 Predictions For 2022 Have Already Come True!

In January, Hannah Carroll wrote down a list of 28 predictions for 2022, 10 of those predictions have already come true!

Social Media is now buzzing with talks about a new mystic. Hannah Carroll, 19, is a girl who makes predictions like Baba Vanga. In January, she wrote down a list of 28 predictions for events that will happen in 2022. 10 of those predictions have already come true! This has sent the internet into a tizzy.

Social media user Carroll has gained fame following these accurate predictions. She has been likened to the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga, and is being called “the new generation Baba Vanga”.

In the predictions that Carroll has made, there were more issues regarding the lives of celebrities. “…I’ve always been into pop culture and celebrities, so most of my guesses were related to that. I always knew in advance that something was going to happen,” she said.

Hannah is a resident of Foxborough, United States.

So far, 10 of her predictions have come true, including new albums from Harry Styles and Beyonce, Rihanna falling pregnant and Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra welcoming a baby.

Here is a list of some of her predictions for 2022.

Hannah Carrolls List Of Predictions for 2022. Image Credit: Daily Star/ SWNS


She has a weakness for the Kardashians, and several of her predictions concern the famous family. Three of those predictions have come true already with Khloe and Tristan Thompson having another child and Kourtney and Travis Scott trying to fall pregnant.

Her latest prediction to come true happened last week when Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian broke up. She also predicted the drama with Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, over her new relationship.

She says that she gets really excited when one of her predictions comes true.

She also mentioned that she now makes personal predictions for people who have started sending her pictures of them after she gained popularity. “I now have a job where people send me their own photos and I can sense when they will have a baby, change their career or find love. People are texting me all the time telling me my predictions have come true, even until the exact date. That’s great to hear,” she said.

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