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Giant spiderwebs blanket grassland in Australia; Watch fascinating video


A viral video of a vast spider webs covering a roadside, poles, road signs, trees, plants and blowing like sea waves in the breeze has made the internet equal parts fascinated and scared.

The video is from East Gippsland town in the Victoria state of Australia. The area was recently struck by heavy storms and floods. In a bid to escape to high ground from the flooding, the spiders wove these huge spiderwebs.

The huge spider webs look like transparent nets covering the land and the trees. The huge “gossamer” sheets look really fascinating as they look like waves whenever the wind blows over them.

As per a BBC report, experts say the spiders throw out silk to climb to higher grounds to escape flood in the lower regions and create these “gossamer-like veils” by a survival tactic known as “ballooning”.

Watch the video here: (Courtesy: ANI)

According to a report in The Guardian, experts said that the bite of the spiders ballooning is not dangerous to humans, but it can cause minor local irritation. The expert added that people should not be worried as the fangs of most of these spiders “are probably too short to penetrate the human skin.”

East Gippsland was hit by heavy rain last week which led to floodwaters entering residential areas. The residents have not recovered from the mouse plague and now this spider gossamer has surfaced.

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