Giant ‘Snake Skeleton’ found on Google map: Watch viral video

A very long snake-like structure was seen in a recent video where it has been shown that someone exploring Google map when the structure was found. In the aerial view though the structure looks exactly like a huge snake, it is unbelievable as there is no existing snake of this size. On Google maps the object was seen off the coast of France.

After being uploaded to a social media platform the video went viral. Netizens came up with different comments about what they witnessed in the video.

Reportedly, the snake skeleton was expected to be that of an extinct Titanoboa – a genus of extremely large snakes.

Watch the video showing the snake-like object here:

Video Courtesy: Nancy Rose Official

After being uploaded the video has earned huge number of views. However, a Twitter user named Wider Focus has given the conclusion which seems believable. He has cleared that the snake-like object is known as Le Serpent d’Océan which is an art work.

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