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Giant python trying to board truck: Watch viral video


A video has surfaced lately where a giant python is seen trying to board a truck. The video had been posted earlier in August last year that has re-surfaced lately and grabbed attention of the netizens. Posted by Instagram user World_of_snakes_ the post has so far earned more than 20 thousand likes after being posted to Insta in last August.

The video clip is a scary one where we can see that a giant python is trying to board a truck through its trolley. The snake is of course a large one and we can feel it because the camera begins the clip with the tail of the snake inside the frame while the cam moves on towards to the truck where we can see the big length and width of the python.

The video has earned a good number of comments. An Instagram user asked, “Wont this harm people at home or neighbourhood??.”

“I use to catch snakes to sale to make anti venom. Got out of that along with trapping. But I have another use for them now. Tastes about like turtle an alligator. Good if prepared right. Lot of good meat in that one. Plus purses, wallets, belts, bikini’s, etc. Want go to waste. Cajuns in Louisiana know how to handle the varmints,” commented another user.

“Amazing..very long snake python..,” wrote another user for the video.

Yet another user came up with his style of admiration. He wrote, “me: i have a beauty in my truck, mom: a girlfriend, me: no a snake.”

Watch the video here:

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