Giant python attacks man as he tries to take out her eggs: Watch

The chilling video has gone viral on social media and it has earned a huge 38,017 likes so far

A giant python attacked a man while he was trying to take out her eggs. Of course, the man did not get any injury as he is an expert. The video was recently shared on Instagram and within no time it went viral.

Jay Brewer is an American YouTuber and the founder of the Reptile Zoo Prehistoric Inc. Recently, he shared the said video where he was seen attacked by a huge reticulated python. Of course, the expert successfully defended himself but if in his place there would have been any common man he might have been in problem.

Shared by jayprehistoricpets on Instagram the clip was captioned as, “Sometimes saving reticulated python eggs can be a daring job, but good thing I love what I do!”. And it has earned a huge 38,017 likes so far after being posted on March 22.

As we can see in the video, Mr Brewer is attempting to take out a few eggs belonging to the said reticulated python when the giant snake is attacking him to protect her eggs.

The video clip has earned a number of comments. One user wrote, “Put a hockey helmet with face mask on or something,” while another commented, “It looks like Keanu dodging bullets in The Matrix.”

Yet another user commented, “Omg your having me on the edge of chair watching this please please be god dam careful, your amazing but god you come so close at time.”

And another user asked, “Are you taking their eggs away from them. Wont they be unhappy.”

Watch the chilling video here:


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