Gen Z Intern demands 50k for 5 hours work, sparks debate on Internet

Recently a Twitter user named Sameera shared a post about one such intern who stunned her with his work demands.

In a world driven by hustle culture, the delicate balancing act between work and personal life has become increasingly challenging. However, it seems that the new generation, Gen Z, is not willing to conform to the norms of the past. In a recent Twitter post that went viral, a user named Sameera shared an extraordinary encounter with a Gen Z intern who left her astounded with his unconventional demands.

During the interview process, Sameera was taken aback when the Gen Z intern calmly expressed his primary requirement for work-life balance. Unlike the traditional mindset that equates long work hours with success, this young go-getter stated that he was seeking a job that would not demand more than 5 hours of work per day.

But that’s not all. The aspiring intern also made it clear that he was not a fan of the infamous MNC (Multi-National Corporation) culture. Instead, he had his sights set on working at a start-up.

Lastly, unapologetically, the Gen Z intern stated that he was looking for a monthly stipend ranging from 40k to 50k per month.

The tweet garnered massive attention, racking up an astounding 673k views and an avalanche of reactions from netizens all over the globe.

Netizens were quick to react to this intriguing encounter, some praised the intern’s courage to assert his needs, while others were simply impressed by the audacity of his demands.

One user wrote, “Your first few internships should help you understand what you want from your career in terms of work. Imagine having work life balance but hating the 5 hours of work you have to do or the people you have to work with.”

Another wrote, “I love the Gen Z for the most part. Millennials spend too long hustling that there’s no life left.”

A third user wrote, “So true! Just met a young cousin who rejected a 9-5 because it interrupted his prime gaming hours’. The future is fascinating.”

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