This might be the funniest and most hilarious viral video you will watch today

Every day several videos are going viral on different social media platforms. Some of them are very funny and hilarious while others are very amusing or interesting. Some of them even are very scary while others are heart-touching.

One such video of a man selling fruits with funny gestures is going viral now. The video has been shared on the YouTube page of ‘Yum Yum India’.

In the video which has been captioned ‘Craziest Fruit Seller of India’ the vendor is seen selling fruits by shouting and making funny faces with the aim to make a sales pitch.

Ever since it was shared on Jun 20, 2022, as many as 17,568 people have watched the video while it has gained 492 likes and 73 people have commented on it.

The video also has been shared on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Watch the video here: (Source: YouTube/Yum Yum India)

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  1. KD says

    Really!! This is news now!! LOL!!! Guys, grow up. What’s funny in this in don’t understand!!

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